What Kind of Planning Permission Do You Need to Build a New Energy-Efficient Home?

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Flexens presenting at Energy for Smart Mobility Conference in Marseille

Flexens CEO Berndt Schalin gave a presentation in the mid of March, at the International Energy for Smart Mobility in Marseille, France. – Flexens is gaining international attention, with a lot of focus given to the Finnish innovations and technologies within renewable energy, says Berndt Schalin, CEO On Thursday, March 14th, Flexen’s CEO Berndt Schalin

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A new member to our team

Flexens was reinforced by recruiting Mrs. Anna Häger, who will shoulder the role as the company’s communicator. Häger will be in charge of the Smart Energy Åland platform, working with citizen engagement which is key for the project’s success. “My challenge and motivation are to make the science and technology behind our energy cloud feasible, thus invoking

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FLEXe DEMO and CEMBioFlex final report now available

On January 9, the final seminar was held for the FLEXe Demo Ecosystem build-up project, which has served as one of the preliminary studies for Smart Energy Åland. Key results and conclusions are now compiled in a joint report with the project CEMBioFlex, which has investigated which role bioenergy CHP has potential to play as a

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berndt schalin hos World Energy Council

Flexens presenting at World Energy Council Finland seminar

Flexens Berndt Schalin, CEO of Flexens held a talk on Monday, February 25th at the seminar on the technology Power-to-X, arranged by the World Energy Council Finland. On Monday, February 25, Flexen’s CEO Berndt Schalin held a talk at the “How to Build a Smart and Flexible Energy System?” seminar arranged by World Energy Council

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