The Company

Building skills and knowledge – backed by world leading organisations

Flexens aim to become a world leading project development company for advanced sustainable and flexible energy systems. Initially we develop and implement a full society scale demo based on the FLEXe concept on the Åland Islands.

The demo project is named Smart Energy Åland. In developing and implementing the solution for Åland, Flexens will create an unrivalled and unique skills and knowledge base.


Anna Häger
Communicator and Project Manager
+358 40 14 67 221

Tuukka Vainio
Project Manager 
+358 40 83 20 756

Jukka Aalto
Business Developer
+358 50 53 63 813

Jim Häggblom
Project Manager 
+358 40 18 01 350

Juhani Riikonen
Energy specialist 
+358 40 41 11 547

Flexens vision

To become a market leading company for project development in the RES energy system sector, based on the following core competence areas:

In depth understanding of RES based energy systems with several market players

  • Focus on renewables integration – with interaction and storage technologies at the core.
  • Development of new market models based on local legislation mandate.
  • Implementation of a new flexibility trading platform.
  • Participate in creating new technology companies e.g. to offer new digital services.

Project development for multi-technology integrated RES systems based on competencies in

  • Concept development for market-based smart energy systems.
  • Project Management.
  • Investment planning, feasibility studies, funding and financing.

Flexens owners

We are backed by a solid group of owners, and a multi year R&D&I project into smart energy and smart grid solutions.

Clic Innovation owners

CLIC Innovation is an open innovation cluster with the mission of creating breakthrough solutions in bioeconomy, circular economy and energy systems. CLIC Innovation coordinates R&D&I project portfolios to construct systemic solutions which are beyond the resources of individual operators.

The cluster is a cross-organizational fast-moving network. The shareholders of the nonprofit CLIC Innovation Ltd include 30 companies and 16 universities and research institutions.

The Owner representatives assembled in Mariehamn to sign the shareholders agreement, in the picture: David Karlsson – Ålands Elandelslag, Jim Häggblom – Viking Line Buss, Camilla Gunell – Energy minister and Deputy Head of the Government of Åland Islands, Johnny Lindström – Electrical safety, Government of Åland Islands, Dick Kronman – Clic Innovations, Berndt Schalin – Flexens, Henrik Lindqvist – Allwinds, Hannu Lepomäki – Clic Innovations, Jyrki Ovaska – Clic Innovations, Per Eriksson – Mariehamns elnät.

The Board & Management

The benefits

By taking an active role in the energy transformation as the hub in a Public-Private-People -Partnership, Flexens will contribute to the success of the stakeholders in the societies where we operate.

Export led

for the national community in the countries of the participants in the energy sector ecosystem

  • Flexens will potentially be very significant growth company in both its home country - Finland - and the international markets
  • The participating industrial companies develop significant new international businesses with potential in markets worth billions of euros

International profile and positive economic impact

for the Åland Island community

  • Attractiveness as tourist destination
  • “A good place to live” – immigration
  • Potential new start-up companies
  • Work in the investment phase

A step on the way towards a fossil-free energy system

fighting climate change

  • Carbon neutral and even net positive energy systems
  • Self-sufficient on renewable energy
  • Holistic living in a flourishing circular economy

and growth

for participating industrial companies

  • The demo platform offers a unique opportunity to develop new products and concepts
  • This is a joint interest with the economic communities of the markets where they operate


Cooperation between Clic Innovation and Åland Government initiated.

ÅTEC Feasibility Study published, seminar.

Academic studies and reports:

Optimisation Perspectives in the Åland Energy Market
Master Thesis Julia Marie Leichthammer, Technische Universität Darmstadt

Scenarios for a sustainable energy system in the Åland Islands in 2030
Lappeenranta University of Technology

Åland Factsheet (in Finnish)
Tommy Jacobson, toimitusjohtaja, CLIC Innovation Oy

Creation of ecosystem of companies for implementation.
Demo Pitch
Tommy Jacobson, Pia Saari, Clic Innovations

Seminar at Parliament of Finland.

Planning of system and launch of company for implementation.

Launch of Flexens Oy Ab – the company that will implement the demo, and commercialise the so created knowledge.

Final joint report of the projects FLEXe Demo and CEMBioFlex
Pia Saari, CLIC Innovation

Awarded Growth Engine capital loan from Business Finland.

Partners with Allwind and Pumped Hydro Storage, initating a pilot project in Nyhamns mineshift as hydro storage for RES.

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