Creating flexible energy solutions

Solving the affordability challenge using innovative market models

The Challenge

Rethinking the integration of renewable energy sources

The Solution

A safe, reliable, economical and sustainable system

The Company

Building skills and knowledge – backed by world leading organisations







Smart Energy Åland will be an important international benchmark in finding effective ways to manage large amounts of renewable power. Its uniquness is in integrating several approaches together, not only technologies but also social innovations. This visionary project will provide valuable experiences for reseachers, businesses and policy makers.

Peter Lund, professor Aalto University
The Government of Åland Islands have reached a sustainability milestone when establishing the joint venture company Flexens Oy Ab to realize the living lab Smart Energy Åland. This demo will be a comprehensive tool for Åland´s sustainability, energy and environmental strategies, aiming for a self sufficient energy production and a high level of carbon free society.

Camilla Gunell, Energy minister and Deputy Head of the Government of Åland Islands
Smart Energy Åland is a bold step towards industrialization of the research and development work done in numerous RES programs managed by Clic Innovation Oy, and executed in co-operation between Finnish R&D&I parties.

Hannu Lepomäki, Vice Chairman of the Board at CLIC Innovation Oy
I am very happy to see that our research cooperation efforts have brought us so far. Flexens as a platform company will boost commercialization of many findings and outcomes from several RDI programs managed by CLIC Innovation and its predecessors.

Jatta Jussila, CEO at CLIC Innovation Oy
ABB is one if the forerunners developing and providing technologies for decarbonizing the energy systems. Flexens has an important role in demonstrating how new technologies and business models can be harnessed for creating consumer centric flexible energy solutions on the path towards full decarbonization.

Dick Kronman, Manager, Grid Automation, ABB Oy, Distribution Solutions Member Board Of Directors at CLIC Innovation Oy

The benefits

Flexens will contribute to the stakeholders

  • Business opportunities at home and abroad
  • Fighting climate change
  • Economic development for society
  • New startup companies