Flexens is a fast-growing company with many new possibilities and roles available.

Are you ready to change the World?

Flexens is a fast-growing company with many new possibilities and roles available. We’re always looking for people with intrinsic motivation to work in the field of renewable energy. This is a company where you truly are working with the themes related to combating climate change, decreasing the dependence on finite energy source and bringing the future energy solutions closer to tomorrow. At Flexens’ you will get an excellent overview of cutting edge technology within renewable energy sources, such as wind, sun and bio-power. You will be working in the midst of a whole network of technology companies dedicated to the R&D and implementation in the field of energy.

Find out more about our exciting demo platform and available positions below!

Flexens, with its first pilot project Smart Energy Åland, is a public – private – people partnership. We aim to become a world-leading project development company that implements cutting edge sustainable and flexible energy systems. The imminent energy transition requires a suitable place to pilot and demonstrate a fully renewable energy source (RES) system, which is sustainable both technically and economically. Flexens has identified the opportunity to develop and build a full society scale RES system based on Åland – a Nordic island autonomy with ideal wind and solar conditions, an ambitious climate- and energy strategy as well as a population dedicated to sustainability.

Åland will act as a world unique testbed and growth engine for companies to test and combine innovative energy solutions, acting as a reference area of RES deployment. In addition, it will provide a unique piloting platform attracting international investments, operators and technology providers. Creating the smart, flexible and renewable energy system of the future is a process of innovating, learning and adapting for all stakeholders. The benefit of demonstrating the system on a full society scale is that the results are directly scalable to other societies.

Flexens is now looking for a Finance Specialist, Business Developer, and (Jr.) Project Manager, to join our team as the business grows and expands rapidly.

As a Finance Specialist, you will be mainly responsible for leading and managing the day-to-day relationship with accounting and payroll service providers as well as for supporting internal and external reporting, such as preparing EU-reports and other financial reports for our financing partners. As your knowledge base and skills grow, you will have the opportunity to take up a bigger responsibility in other project finance operations, such as  drafting effective project funding proposals and mobilizing finance from different sources, including those associated with the public sector, donors and private sector partners. 


As a Business Developer, you will be mainly responsible for the acceleration of growth and expansion by scaling and internationalizing the business. More specifically, in this position, you will be responsible for both designing scalable business models and launching them internationally as well as for customer acquisition delivering flexible energy solutions in selected target markets,but also keeping an open mind about other arising market opportunities. As your knowledge base and skills grow, you will be given more responsibility, and so, you will have an important role in growing and expanding the business of Flexens.


As a (Jr.) Project Manager, you will be mainly responsible for project management from concept planning to execution of successful projects ranging from first pilot projects within Smart Energy Åland society scale demo to bigger, international level projects. You will coordinate the implementation of demo projects, making sure that the demo projects are all running smoothly. As your knowledge base and skills grow, you will be given more responsibility, and you will have an opportunity to take part in even bigger, international level projects.