BalticSeaH2 project starting – Flexens to build a hydrogen valley together with other operators in the Baltic Sea region

BalticSeaH2 builds the first significant, cross-border hydrogen valley in Europe. The goal is to create an integrated hydrogen economy around the Baltic Sea to enable energy self-sufficiency and minimise carbon emissions from different industries. The project brings together 40 partners from nine Baltic Sea area countries, including Flexens. Combining local areas into a broader valley […]

Flexens considers large-scale Power-to-X project on Cabo Verde

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy of Cabo Verde and the Finnish Power-to-X project developer Flexens Oy Ab have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate further in developing feasibility studies for the implementation of large-scale green Power-to-X production in Cabo Verde. The aim is to integrate large-scale solar and wind power to […]

Flexens successfully exits its spin-off – Norwegian Hydrogen acquires HydRe

A year ago, Flexens Oy Ab celebrated the launch of their spin-off HydRe, a startup aiming to build a hydrogen refuelling station network in Northern Europe. Now, Flexens is fulfilling its role as incubator, exiting HydRe and welcoming Norwegian Hydrogen as the spin-off’s new owner. Our strategy is to focus on the development of green […]

Flexens spin-off HydRe receives an 800,000 euro investment grant from the Finnish Energy Authority to build Finland’s first hydrogen refuelling station in Lieto

HydRe was founded at the beginning of 2022 as a Flexens spin-off company to develop a network of hydrogen refuelling stations for heavy transport in Northern Europe. In November, the HydRe team applied for a Finnish Energy Authority investment grant. As a result, HydRe was granted about 800,000 euros for its project in Lieto, where […]

Finland’s largest hydrogen plant planned in Kokkola

Project developer Flexens Oy Ab and KIP Infra Oy, part of Kokkola city council, have signed a letter of intent regarding a land lease agreement for a facility with a hydrogen production capacity of approximately 300 megawatts in the Kokkola Industrial Park area. Such a facility would certify a strengthened energy and ammonia self-sufficiency for […]

Flexens and HydRe collaborate to launch hydrogen transport in Finland: Letter of intent signed with Lempäälän Energia

The Finnish companies Flexens and HydRe are preparing to pilot green hydrogen in Lempäälä, Finland. Flexens plans a small-scale green hydrogen production unit to be attached to Finland’s first hydrogen refuelling station. HydRe will provide the refuelling station. The facilities will be integrated with the local LEMENE smart energy system, owned by the energy company […]

The Bank of Åland grants Flexens Baltic Sea Project funding

Through its Baltic Sea Project, the Bank of Åland has granted funding for RAScue (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems cutting eutrophication), a Flexens project focusing on nutrient recovery and energy efficiency in land-based fish farms. For Flexens, making a positive impact on the Baltic Sea is both important and natural. As a company, we have a unique […]

Flexens joins Green NortH2 Energy as shareholder

As part of Flexens’ many activities in green hydrogen development, the company joins Green NortH2 Energy as a shareholder. Green NortH2 Energy, a newly founded subsidiary of the engineering and consulting firm Elomatic, is meant to kick-start the green hydrogen market of Southwestern Finland from the coastal town of Naantali.  By joining forces in Green […]