Clean and Renewable Energy in the European Green Deal

On the 11th of December the European Commission’s president, Ursula von der Leyen, announced the EU adoption of a Green Deal. This means that the member countries will collectively strive to create the first climate-neutral continent.

In her speech to the press, president von der Leyen highlighted that the time for renewable energy sources (RES) and the benefits it reaps has come, sparking the beginning of a new, greener economy:

“(Therefore)…the European Green Deal is on the one hand about cutting emissions, but on the other hand it is about creating jobs and boosting innovation.

I am convinced that the old growth-model that is based on fossil-fuels and pollution is out of date, and it is out of touch with our planet. The European Green Deal is our new growth strategy – it is a strategy for growth that gives more back than it takes away.”

The energy section of the EU Green Deal underlines the need to decarbonise the energy systems to reach climate objectives. It also lists the following actions as the key principles needed to achieve such an agenda:

  • Interconnect energy systems and better link/integrate renewable energy sources to the grid
  • Promote innovative technologies and modern infrastructure
  • Boost energy efficiency and eco-design of products
  • Decarbonise the gas sector and promote smart integration across sectors
  • Empower consumers and help Member States tackle energy poverty
  • Promote EU energy standards and technologies at global level
  • Develop the full potential of Europe’s offshore wind energy

The highest emissions in the EU member countries can be found in the energy used in buildings (primarily for heating), were energy consumptions stands for approximately 40 percent and transport for 25 percent.

The source of the energy utilized is also foul in the terms of greenhouse gas emissions, as the production and use of energy accounts for more than 75% within the EU countries.

Taking the lead

We at Flexens fully and heartily embrace the EU Green Deal. With our demo platform Smart Energy Åland, a broad network within the R&D and RES technology field, we have set out to show that a 100 percent renewable and flexible energy system can be implemented into all levels of a society.

Earlier this week the newly elected Government of Åland presented their agenda “Tillsammans för Åland” (Together for Åland), in which they exclusively state an intensified collaboration with Flexens and Smart Energy Åland in order to effectively adapt a smart energy system, focusing on sustainable RES in the aspect of its production, storage and consumption.


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