Successful first year and start of a new Energy Decade

About Flexens first year as start-up can be said that it has been nothing less than a success! Winning the Growth Engine Competition at Business Finland, initiating several pilots within our demo platform Smart Energy Åland and adding to that our team expanded.

As we head into a defining decade for mankind, the countdown for reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 40 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. 

With the adaption of the European Green Deal, 26 of 27 EU member countries have taken a stance, committing to the challenge but also embracing the opportunities a transition to a greener society will bring.

Our latest team member

At Flexens we are not surprised by the exponentially growing interest in RES. By which we respond with shifting into a higher gear, recruiting some of the best and sharpest within the field of RES development and deployment.

We are happy to welcome Mr. Aleksi Haverinen, who joined our Helsinki office earlier this week. Mr. Haverinen studied Energy Technology at Aalto University and conducted his MSc thesis at the Finnish gas company Gasum, where he investigated the energy efficiency and GHG emissions of biogas process residue utilization as e.g. fertilizers within agriculture.

“What inspires me most about Flexens, is that it is a company that put words into action.”

Aleksi Haverinen, Project Manager at Flexens

Expertise in biogas and power-to-X

After his thesis, Mr. Haverinen was recruited to Gasums R&D team and continued later to biogas production and certification development. It was during his time at R&D in 2017 when he first learned about Flexens, as Gasum was investigating possible energy storages alongside the innovation company and also the initiator of Flexens, CLIC Innovation. The idea of a demo platform located on Åland and the feasibility of creating a 100 percent renewable and flexible energy system there stayed with him, sparking an interest of solving the challenges that arises with energy storages for RES.

During the late autumn of 2019, Mr. Haverinen applied for the role as Project Manager at Flexens, bringing with him a solid track record and expertise in not only biogas production, but also the sought-after expertise in power to X (P2X, hydrogen production and storage).

In his new role at Flexens Mr. Haverinen will unite his background with an eagerness to explore the possibilities and challenges that lies within storing energy surplus derived from solar and wind power. In the near future he believes that technologies like P2X, pumped hydro storages and heat pumps will be highly relevant for a transition to a flexible energy system.

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